External Paint

We are happy to prepare any surface for painting that needs attention, either by sanding or Power washing. Preparation is the key with a good foundation comes a great outcome that lasts longer and looks Great.

Fascia Painting

Not painting the fascia, soffit or bargeboards every few years will lead to the wood rotting, and could even let water into your house or rot the end of the roof trusses and this could be a very expensive repair job!


We use Professional spray guns that produce an outstanding finished product, which is evenly covered, with no mess, no runs and weather proof in less than 10 minutes. Guaranteeing great results every time.

Pebble Dash and Render

Pebbledashed homes started to appear around the housing boom of the early 20th century, where poor quality bricks were covered up and weatherproofed but painting pebbledash was never even thought of.

Some homes at this time actually had a very good quality coating of pebbledash, and many still have their original wall covering, however over time the stones fall out, and cracks do appear.

What we do...

Mark any problems and cracks you know about (that is, if you know how to fix them) and any areas that concern you, especially as regards to the height you will be working at.

Once again, if ladders or scaffolding frighten you, it is best you probably should abandon your plan now.

We Clean the walls of dust, moss and debris with a power washer.

Make sure all doors and windows are closed during this time.

We have waterproof clothing and eye protection as small flakes of paint can be shot into our eyes.

Any paint left over can be removed in most cases with a scraper or wire brush.

We tidy all the debris away,  especially if its windy, as the dust and paint chips can be blown back onto the wall, and later that day the wet paint that will be ruined.

We then repair, re-pebble, and re-paint.


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